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Argyle Open: An Online Slots Game with a Golf Theme

We have always said that there is an online slots game for everyone, and for golf enthusiasts that game is the new Argyle Open. Sure its takes a lighter look at one of the oldest sports in the world, but don't forget, Argyle Open is a real money slots game. So while someone could chuckle at the argyle pants you wear when you are on the greens, you can be the last one laughing if you play and win at this fun online slots game.

The Argyle Open Basics

Argyle Open is one of the higher end online slot games. It features reels and up to 40 separate pay lines. Score a winning set of images on an active pay line and you can win big. In fact, the big jackpot is an amazing 2,000,000 coins. You set the coin size so that it can really add up to a fortune. Enough to get not only the new clubs that you want, but maybe you can but the whole course.

Drive for the Argyle Open Symbols

There are a few very special symbols in the Argyle Open online slots game. The actual Open Argyle logo which is unmistakable is a Wild. That means that you can use it to complete a winning pay line. Have four identical images plus an Open Argyle logo means that you really have a winning line. There is also the scatter symbol which in open Argyle is a view of the putting green. What you are hoping for is three scatter symbols on any reel. Get them and the bonus golf game opens up.

The Bonus Golf Game of Argyle Open

The bonus game of this online slots game is called the Drive and Fairway game. Pick one of 5 different professional golfers and enter the 3 stage mini golf tournament. This bonus feature is completely interactive. You control the actions of the pro you select. Sink the put in as few strokes as possible in order to get at a bunch of free spins. In this feature of this real money slots game, you win prizes for hitting the ball far. Up to twenty free spins are awarded based on your putting ability. Even better, if you win the Argyle Open on one of these free spins, your wins are multiplied several times over.

The Argyle Open Hole in One

Then there is the Argyle Open real money slots hole in one. This is one of the best bonuses of an online slots game. It's a special prize of 20 Free Spins with a 5x Multiplier. If you win this and then come up big in the main game, you will be winning a great deal of money. And that is what makes all real money slots games that much fun. In short, Argyle Open has a fun theme, a great bonus games, and lots of chances to win real cash.