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American Real Money Slots Game

Bar and Stripes is a grand five-reel, twenty-five pay line slot machine game with great chances to win loads of cash. The best thing for many people is that the images on the slots game are all classic "Americana." For example, what could be more American than football? No, there are no images of soccer, rugby, or cricket in this slots game - just good old American pigskin football.

Bar and Stripes is the All-American Slots Game

How about classic American food? Well, in the Bar and Stripes slots game, you have all the most well-known strictly American food. Of course, you can win with a row of images of hot dogs with mustard. There is pizza, there are Oreo cookies. Of course, the great American beverage is also on the reels - beer. Match any of these four major food groups up in this slots game and you can win some great American cash!

The biggest real money prize line is the Uncle Sam hat with the dollar signs. What a great feeling when you line up a few of those. You already feel good because you just won a bunch. Now you feel better because you won it playing a slots game "at home."