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Untamed: Bengal Tiger

Get untamed and have the adventure of a lifetime with the new 243 Way video online slots game. The game includes three main exciting features, each of which builds the excitement in the real money slots game and adds to the adventure. This is a five reels game with a maximum coin size of 5.

Wild and Scatter Symbols

Along with the regular symbols, there are extra symbols that help players to win and that add to the wild Untamed: Bengal Tiger theme. The wild symbol with this real money slots game is the Untamed Bengal Tiger logo. This works just as a traditional wild symbol. In addition, there is an extra wild symbol. Here is how it works. With Bengal Tiger, when a wild symbol spins on the reel, there is a counter under the reel that adds up. When the counter hits four, the reel then turns wild for four spins! It's a great extra way to enjoy wild symbols with this online slots game. The scatter here is the Bengal Tiger's eye. There are two ways to win with them. If you have two scatter symbols you'll get a double wager win. If you've got three or more you'll get to a free spins feature.

Free Spins and Bonus Fun

With Bengal Tiger online slots, the free spin feature comes, as stated above, with three or more scatters. With the free spins section of the real money slots game, you'll then have up to 14 free spins available - and this can really add to your wins. Now, Bengal Tiger has three mini bonus features that all add up to loads of fun. The first, Collect a Wild, is the wild symbol counter which can offer 4 spins with a wild reel. The Lucky Nudge will show a scatter if it happens to be under or over the reels position and you can then nudge it into place. Then, the Your Gamble lets you gamble every win as many times in a row as you want, as long as you are winning.

Roaring with Enjoyment with Online Slots

All of this adds up to a roaring good time with Untamed: Bengal Tiger. Have more fun with real money slots today and go wild! Learn about Bengal Tiger and the many features that it offers and have more fun playing this exciting new game today.