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Burning Desire, Just Right for Valentine's Day

Let's face it; the only people who actually get to enjoy February 14 of each year are those who are either dating someone, engaged or married. How else do you explain that the rest of us tend to refer to Valentine's Day as Singles' Awareness Day? No matter to add a little heat to your Valentine's Day. Whether or not you are a casino-gaming aficionado, this new slots game, timed specifically for a release in conjunction with Valentine's Day, may just put a little more spice into your February 14. According to a statement made by David Brickman, President of Player Affairs for Jackpot Factory, the umbrella company, many of whose casinos are hosting this new slots game, calls Burning Desire Video Slot a "unique casino innovation" and a "delight" to players.

The New Slots Game: Burning Desire Video Slots

As if there were any doubt in anyone's mind about the concept behind this new slots game, developers have decided to name it Burning Desire video slots. This is perhaps a little over-the-top but players certainly cannot miss the combination of name and release date. This is definitely a romance-themed (or perhaps something-else-themed?) video slots game. The game itself consists of five different reels and imagery made up of red rubies, diamonds, valentines, gold bells and the ultimate burning desire symbol (which no one seems to be describing in any more specific terms). This may be a Valentine's Day-themed game but it offers players pretty good deals and pretty good odds. For one thing, there are no paylines. This means that in order to win, the player must achieve results of three identical symbols, left-to-right, across any three of the five reels (as opposed to three identical symbols set up on paylines of adjacent reels). When all is said and done, there are 243 different permutations involved (remember permutations from algebra class?) and thus, 243 different ways in which players can win generous jackpots. Furthermore, features such as Wilds, Scatters and Free Spins allow players that many more chances to win at this new Burning Desire video slots game. Free Spin rounds can be triggered over and over during the game and can add up to wins of as many as 90,000 coins, on top of the 30,000 coins available to be won during regular rounds of play. And, to sweeten the pot a little, all winnings from these Free Spin rounds are tripled. You can't not love that.

This new slots game is available at several of the Jackpot Factory casinos, and especially at All Slots Casino. Microgaming is the game's casino-software designer, which only adds to the game's reputation. Almost everyone knows All Slots Casino to be one of the premier slot machine gaming casinos on the Internet and everyone knows Microgaming to be the premier casino-gaming software developer anywhere in the world. So if you, like almost everyone around, are looking to add a little extra something to your regular Valentine's Day experience, try Burning Desire video slot - you never know, it may just be worth its name.