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Types of Casino Slot Games

Basically, there are three types of slot games: Reel Slots, Progressive Slots and Video Slots.

Reel Slots

The reel slots break down into two categories: 3-reels and 5-reels. However, these reel slots can have multiple coin and multiple pay lines, so that the player must always check the game description, rules and payouts before beginning to play.

Standard slots are the 3-reelers. They are generally played with one to three coins. It is important to realize that if less than the maximum coin number is played, it is possible to get a winning line and not to be eligible for a payout. This is one way the casino, whether online or land- based, makes its profits.

The 5-reelers give more payout possibilities, but since the game turns 5 reels instead of 3, these slots are a bit slower. In addition, they often have many more pay lines requiring an investment of a greater number of coins.

Online casinos offer hundreds of reel slots to the potential gambler. They often give free games so that the player can try out several types of reel slots before actually playing for money. The free games are just as much fun as the real money games!

Progressive Slot Games

Progressive slots are connected through an internet network and feature a progressive jackpot. This means that a percentage of every coin invested in any one of the progressive games is added to the jackpot, building it up to really big money. The catch, of course, is that the player must invest the maximum number of coins for each game in order to be eligible for the jackpot.

Progressive slots have many bonus features: scatter symbols that pay, bonus screens that offer free spins and other prizes. The progressive slots player always dreams of winning that big, big jackpot!

Online Video Slots

Video slots are very much like progressive slots although more complex. The graphics and sound on video slots are superior to the other slots. However, when playing on line slots, especially if powered by Microgaming Viper software, there is very little difference in quality between the video games and the other slots games.

The video slots can have as many as forty pay lines, making the game a rather expensive investment although the coin amounts may start as low as one cent.

The video slots have exotic themes which make the games fascinating and exciting to play. Examples of some of the themes are: Isis, based on ancient Egypt; Tunzamuni, all about a hidden treasure; Harvey's, a life-like deli. They all have bonus screens, scatter symbols and lots of free spins.

Flash Slot Games

Online casinos also offer flash slots. Flash slots can only be played in the on line flash casinos. These are "no download" casinos played directly off the internet with flash technology. Not all of the slots games offered in regular online casinos are available in the flash casinos, but the ones that are available are the same as their counterparts.

Play Online Slots for Fun or Real Money

Casino slot games of any kind are the most entertaining games in the gambling world. They are not considered "high-roller" games like casino table games, but they offer the largest variety of diversion and sport. They are there to be enjoyed.