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About The Great Galaxy Grab

This brand new crazy slots game was triggered by the style of UK fruit machines that have subgames and second screens triggered by wild symbols and scatter symbols, only Microgaming has taken UK slots miles and miles farther in entertainment.

The Great Galaxy Grab is an online slots game based on seeking treasure in space. Its enhanced and high quality graphics plus its real life sound effects bring maximum pleasure to the player.

This stylized UK slots and fruit machines game has a jackpot of 2000 coins, 5 reels and 25 paylines. The coins go from one cent to 25 cents which means that it is good for any player's wallet. It also contains a free practice mode so you can play for free till you have learned how to operate all the advantageous features.

All the symbols in the game are animated creatures and objects of The Great Galaxy Grab space world. The symbols are: the mall, saloon, casino, restaurant, gas station, bank, flying boat, scarlet lady pirate, captain bronze beard, metal deckhand Dan, trusty-rusty robot and dozer the blue dog. With all these creatures and characters appearing in and out of secondary screens, the player must use a lot of skill to make the most of all the extraordinary features.

The Great Galaxy Grab Symbols and Features

Wild Symbol: A shining golden G. This can be substituted for any symbol except the bonus symbol.

Scatter Symbol: The shining G is also the scatter symbol. The appearance of 3, 4 or 5 scatter symbols triggers the free spins.

Bonus Symbol: The bonus symbol is the scarlet lady pirate. With 3, 4 or 5 bonus symbols you trigger a bonus round. The Great Galaxy Grab Free Spins: The scatter symbols trigger the free spins and 3 shining golden G's on the reels activates free spins on the reels. 3, 4 or 5 scatter symbols give you 10 free spins with a times 3 multiplier of your winnings.

The Great Galaxy Grab Bank Bonus Game: The bonus game has various destinations. Each bonus game continues from where the last bonus feature ended. In the space chase feature, when 3, 4 or 5 bonus symbols appear on the reels they activate the bonus game. The bank on the treasure map is the first destination of the bonus game. Once in the bank, the player needs to catch 6 out of 12 astro doubloons. If the player catches them, he is awarded with the coin value hidden inside the doubloons. At most a player can win up to 21,000 coins.

There are three more bonus games called:
  • The Great Galaxy Grab Space Chase Refuel Bonus Game
  • The Great Galaxy Grab Space Chase Diner Bonus Game
  • The Great Galaxy Grab Space Chase Saloon Bonus Game

  • Each bonus game starts at the destination that the previous one ended at. In the Refuel and Diner games, the player can win up to 25,000 coins, and in the Saloon game he can win up to 40,000 coins.

    What all these bonus games mean is that, although the jackpot is only 2000 coins, the player can win a lot more if he learns to navigate all the various characters and symbols in these bonus games. It is important to know that the jackpot can only be obtained when playing all 25 paylines. But the coin values are so low, that even this does not mean that the player will lose a lot.

    UK Slots and Fruit Machines

    UK slots and fruit machines which can be found in pubs, clubs and arcades are really boring compared to the exciting and exotic game The Great Galaxy Grab which Microgaming software has created to thrill and entertain online slots players. Try it and see for yourselves.