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The Roots of Online Slot Machines

Slot machines were first invented in the early 1890's in New York by Pitt and Sitman. They displayed poker hands but had no system of payouts so that the owners would pay prizes of their own.

A Winning Combination for Slot Machines

In 1895, the inventor Charles Fey came out with the first real slot machine akin to what we know today. He designed it in his basement but then joined forces with the Mills Novelty Company and created what was known as the Liberty Bell slot. The machine had a cast iron casing and a classic bell which rang when a player hit a winning combination. The machine's reels displayed the jack, queen and king of a typical deck of cards. A few years later, the Mills Company designed a newer version which featured the famous fruit symbols on its reel.

The First Casino Slot Machine

These cast iron machines were extremely heavy and it wasn't long before a lighter model with wood cabinet was introduced. The cabinets were beautifully decorated to make the machines more attractive to players but, as a gaming feature, slots did not really "take" until Bugsy Siegel, the notorious gangster and owner of the Las Vegas Flamingo Hilton, installed them in his Flamingo casino.

Ladies First at the Slot Machines

Bugsy considered slots a novelty and not very serious for gambling. His purpose for installing them was to keep the wives and girl friends of his high rolling table game gamblers entertained while their men played. The women took the slots seriously, and it was not long before other gamblers began to take an interest in the slots games.

Slot Machines Today

Today's slots are no longer mechanical machines with a lever (the "one arm") to be pulled. Although the lever is still there, most players just push a "Play" button to start the reels rolling.

Technology Paves the Way for Online Slots

The machines are computer operated with random number generators so that there is no way you can predict what will turn up. It is really all a matter of luck. But there are now many more types of slot machines with many more reels than the original three, and lots more pay lines. There are also slots with progressive jackpots plus video slots. The advancement in computer technology has provided casino software companies with the opportunity to create many exciting Disney-like theme games with exotic graphics and real-life sound effects making the slots extremely entertaining.

Online Slots

These exotic creations really blossomed with online slots games. Online slots quickly became multiple reel and multiple coin games with many bonus screens, pop-ups, wild symbols and more. These slots are probably the most popular online games.