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Monster Meteors

Science fiction is a very broad genre including many different aspects. Monster Meteors is a real money slots game which takes up the science fiction theme of human star troopers battling bizarre aliens in the outer space setting of the surface of an asteroid (the term meteor is usually reserved for stones falling towards Earth making the name Monster Meteors here somewhat of a misnomer, although the creators can plead poetic license). The graphics of this slots game thus include a variety of scary looking aliens (these are the monsters of Monster Meteors) and the hero of the game the human trooper himself. Science fiction fans as well as regular slots game fans will enjoy trying their luck at Monster Meteors and then they too will be able to see how many of the aliens they can "hit". The scatter symbol of Monster Meteors is the meteor symbol. As with many similar online slots games constructed by Microgaming, Monster Meteors includes a bonus frees spins that are triggered if you get three or more of the scatter symbols anywhere on the five reels. In addition, if you are lucky at your free spins you enter a special bonus game where you get to zap aliens of your choosing. The concomitant awards are free spins and multipliers that can incredibly enhance your winning potential in this slots game. Thus, Monster Meteors boasts the chance of landing incredible payouts of vast sums of coins to the lucky "spaceman" slots game player.

If these bonus features are not enough to satisfy the appetite of the most voracious real money slots game player, Monster Meteors also includes the highly popular gamble feature where you can wager your winnings at a straight forward guessing game and either double or quadruple your winnings. As is the rule with gamble features available at an online slots game, this feature is optional and if you are satisfied with what you have won you do not have to try your luck at the Monster Meteors gamble feature. However since the odds at the gamble game of a slots game are better than the odds of the slots game itself, the gamble feature might be a wise choice - especially if you are feeling particularly lucky. The gamble feature is limited in that you cannot win more than 10,000 coins with this feature.

Monster Meteors - a Fun Real Money Slots Game

The great fun of a 5 reel 25 payline real money slots game is combined in Monster Meteors with a science fiction adventure theme that plays an important part in the design of the various bonus features as well as the basic graphics of this slots game. The incredibly large winning potential of the Monster Meteors bonus games combined with the fun of blasting aliens make this online slots game perfect for providing a full and satisfying science fiction adventure with a very real winning potential. Sure, you can blast the bugs of Space Invaders games only at the fast paced Monster Meteors slots game do you stand any chance of converting your blasting skills into hard cash. This is one real money slots game that players will certainly enjoy playing over and over again as they strive to participate in the battle to save Earth from the extra terrestrial monsters that threaten to overwhelm it. Monster Meteors is a game that is highly recommended for all slots game players who enjoy the intense slots game action. So, if you like fast action and you love slots games, Monster Meteors is definitely a game you really have to try! This top notch Microgaming online slots game can currently be found exclusively at the leading Microgaming online casinos and it is well worth visiting just to give Monster Meteors a try!