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Play Real Money Slots with Retro Reels

Retro Reels is a new online slots that will remind you of the old style slot machines that first appeared with their fruits, bars, dollars and sevens. Only the new Retro Reels has a whole new look with the introduction of the innovative ReSpin feature. The ReSpin feature is what makes Retro Reels a terrific online slots game for real money slots.

Retro Reels has five reels and twenty pay lines with a maximum bet of 25 cents and a minumum of one cent. This allows online slots players to play real money slots with a very affordable pocket. The maximum number of coins you can play per spin is twenty, and, to be eligible for the highest payouts, it is worthwhile to play Retro Reels with all twenty coins each spin.

The old fashioned symbols that are displayed on Retro Reels are Cherries, Lemons, Plums, single Bars, double Bars, triple Bars, Dollar signs and Lucky Sevens. However, there are additional specials to this online slots game.

The Specials in Retro Reels

-The first special is the Retro Reels logo with the words Free Spins written across it. Two of these award you ten free spins. Three Retro Reels logos give you 15 free spins. Four will give you 20 free spins, and five Retro Reels logos award you with 25 free spins. These free spins can be retriggered and all wins during the free spins are doubled. This feature alone makes Retro Reels a worthwhile online slots to play real money slots.

-The second special in the Retro Reels online slots game is the new ReSpin feature. This feature allows you to respin any single reel to help create a winning combination. The ReSpin feature requires you to make an additional bet and the amount is shown at the bottom of each reel. With the Retro Reels ReSpin feature you can pay an additional amount and possibly trigger the free spins bonus. For a real money slots game, this ReSpin feature is a significant addition to your chances of earning more coins.

Although the Retro Reels ReSpin feature can make this online slots game move a bit slower than the standard online slots while you decide which reel you want to respin, the rewards you may gain by making use of this feature compensate for the slower rate. For playing real money slots, Retro Reels is sure to be a very popular addition to the online slots platform.