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Scrooge Slots

Just in time for the holidays, the Scrooge online slots game gives you the chance to win money from the most famous miser in the world: the character of Scrooge made famous by Charles Dickens' classic work, A Christmas Carol. While the character of Scrooge starts off holding on to all his money and only becomes charitable by the end of the novel, you can win money off of Scrooge for the first time you play if you are lucky. This is a real money slots game and just as you must use real money to place a bet, what you win is actual cash that you can withdraw to your bank account. That should make anyone's holidays a bit brighter. When someone asks where you got all this new cash from, just say it was a present from your friend Scrooge.

Playing the Scrooge online slots game

Playing the Scrooge online slots game could not be easier. The goal to winning in this real money slots game is to match images in the Scrooge game's unique set up. There are no reels or pay lines in the Scrooge online slots game. Instead, the Scrooge real money slots game has 50 lines where Christmas images can line up and help you win cash. This online slots game is loaded with special features such as a Wild symbol, Scatter symbol, Free Spin and Bonus Trigger symbol, Free Games and Bonus Games, Free Spins with up to 2x multiplier. Every one of the special features in this real money slots game increases your chances of hitting a winning combination and getting the best presents ever,

The Scrooge Jackpot

So how much money can you win playing the Scrooge online slots game? You can win a fortune. The top prize can be worth a total of 60,000 coins in the base game plus an additional 120 000 coins up for grabs when playing using the doubled winning free spins feature. There is nothing miserly about those numbers. Just imagine what kind of celebration you could have after winning the Scrooge real money slots jackpots.

Not Your Old Scrooge

The Scrooge of the Scrooge online slots game doesn't hoard the cash like the character that Dickens invented. Instead, he is waiting for you to win it. Seeing the image of Scrooge is actually a really good thing when you are playing this real money slots game. That is because when you see the Scrooge logo symbol, it acts as a wild and can be used in combination with other symbols to fill out a combination win. Not only that, but Scrooge will double the amount you win. Not only that, but if you see three or more of the scatter symbols anywhere, you win some free spins in this exciting, holiday themed real money slots game.