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Take a Power Spin with Sonic 7s Today

Sonic 7s is a new online slots game from Microgaming, the industry leader in online casino action, that offers five reels and nine pay lines, along with excellent graphics and a few new features that will certainly appeal to people who love real money slots. The most notable new feature is the introduction of power spins, which allow players to place a type of side bet on the action that could ultimately allow them to multiply their winnings as much as eight times. Another new feature connected to the power spins idea could help players double their winnings by forming winning combinations. Since Sonic 7s is the first online slots game to offer power spins, it is absolutely imperative that people who play real money slots give the game a try to see how well the new features increase payouts.

Designed for Fans of Real Money Slots

If you are a real money slots player, you can expect to like any feature that gives you a solid chance to win twice, four times, or even eight times your original winnings. To use the power spins feature of Sonic 7s, you have to place a wager on all nine pay lines and choose the power spins feature as a side bet. To place the bet, you have to increase the wager by a third, but the costs are a small price to pay for the chance to win a bigger return, which is, after all, why people play real money slots in the first place. Once the bet is in place, you double your winnings if you hit a wild symbol. If you hit two wild symbols, your bet is multiplied four times, and if you hit three, you win eight times your bet.

Online Slots Continue to Evolve

Sonic 7s, which focuses on wild symbols and power spins instead of offering free spins and bonus games, is the latest evolution of the online slots game, a format that has seen tremendous innovation by companies such as Microgaming. The game's symbols, however, hark back to an earlier era for online slots. They include classic symbols such as bars, cherries, and sevens. The classic symbols, alongside the new symbols such as the sonic symbol, give players a sense of progress. You can practically feel the layers of development with each spin, even as you add a bet on power spins.