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One Is Silver and the Other Is Gold

Perhaps one of the most common aesthetic debates, at least among women, is this one: should jewelry be gold or silver? More often than not, the argument is vehement; women are very particular about their preferences in jewelry and some will even go to great lengths to convince others that the two may not be mixed (that is, that a gold necklace cannot go with silver earrings and/or vice versa). Moreover, gold is expensive and many cannot afford it, while silver - at least, sterling silver - is affordable to most. Have a preference yourself? You're a fan of sterling silver, perhaps? Oh, and a video slot player, too, huh? Well, then there's a game for you. Just released on July 1 of this year (2009), the game is called Sterling Silver Video Slot and it features large symbols, purportedly made to resemble objects of sterling silver, on its various paylines. This kind of imagery rather recalls the cowboy boots and hats of the Wild West, or perhaps the ornamentation currently seen on the belt buckles and neck chains of rappers. Most of the slots symbols are large sterling silver letters and numbers, though one is a sterling silver bar. There is a sterling silver scatter symbol and then there is the Sterling Silver symbol, to be explained shortly. The objective of the sterling silver, according to various promotional materials, is actually to recall richness and luxury.

Sterling Silver, the Video Slot Version

Sterling Silver is a video slot game, produced by Microgaming and released only this month, of 5 reels and 25 paylines. The aforementioned Sterling Silver symbol (a wild symbol) often contributes to wins for players on the center of the game's reels and can produce various multipliers. The Sterling Silver scatter symbol, when it appears three times on the second, third and fourth reels, rewards the player with free spins that trigger other free spins. Another of Sterling Silver's features is the Sterling Silver Gamble feature, in which the player must correctly guess the color and suit of an unidentified card. A correct guess leads to either doubled or quadrupled winnings. The coins available to be wagered ranges from 0.01 to 0.25 and players have the option to bet up to ten coins on each payline. Sterling Silver video slot games can be played either via downloaded software packages or online via direct connections to an online casino's website. As it is a new game, more and more information and player reviews will be forthcoming as new players learn about the game and then try it out for themselves. Meanwhile, Sterling Silver is a game that might appeal to those looking for a good, solid video slot game with many features through which they can win extra cash. Or perhaps it might appeal to those quietly seeking a little place of glory for themselves or perhaps a happy place of their own in which they see themselves as rich and famous.