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The Choice of a Summer Holiday

If you could go absolutely anywhere in the world - expense being no consideration - where would you go? Most people would probably answer with some exotic tropical island in the Caribbean or in the South Pacific. For those of us proud to call ourselves geeks, the answer would probably be a national park or a historic site. For others, it might be an isolated cabin in the mountains, an amusement park, or the closest beach town. Vacations are expensive, and often, the choice of where to spend one's summer holiday is dictated by financial necessity. For those who are still working on fulfilling their travel goals, there are other ways to get a summer holiday fix: read a related book, watch a related movie or documentary, or perhaps play a related slots game. That's where the Summer Holiday video slot game comes in.

A cursory online search for the game can turn up visual elements; on many of the game's review sites, there are screen shots of the slots game itself. The images employed by the slots game's creators are clearly indicative of its aims, albeit in a perhaps more mundane and ordinary way than one might imagine. Most of the pictures, at least those that show up on those sites, are images of people on bicycles or people on paddleboats or jumping off of piers into lakes. There are also pictures of pretzels and pictures or meats and cheeses and summer fruits such as watermelon. There's even an image of a duck, which, ostensibly, is supposed to make one think of water or watering holes or lakes or some other water-vacation-related spots. Fun in the sun and family picnics at the lake. As most of the promotional material states, it's time for the summer holidays and some generous slots entertainment.

Let the Summer Holiday Video Slot Game Take You Away

Aside from the vicarious high, the Summer Holiday video slot game offers a number of other tantalizing advantageous features. First of all, the slots game contains among its 5 reels 100 paylines, which is almost unheard of in the world of video slot games. Most games contain 3 or 5 paylines, and some perhaps contain a few more, but a video slot game offering 100 paylines virtually never happens. The game also offers stacked wilds, scatter symbols and free spins that can trigger other free spins. Free spins can also be triggered by repetitions of certain scatter symbols. In some bonus rounds, the player of Summer Holiday even gets to pick his or her own prize. Among the list of prizes: 1) replay free spins, 2) opt for a mystery multiplier, and 3) save what you have already won and keep playing as normal. According to the material, players have the potential to win 37,500 (in English pounds - $61,285) in the base game and 112,500 (also in English pounds - $183,854) in free spin rounds.

If you're dreaming of that exotic once-in-a-lifetime dream vacation but can't quite get there this year, try taking your mind off of that and engaging yourself in a little vicarious fun in the sun with the best new summer video slot game - Summer Holiday. It may not take you to that faraway beach in Fiji or Tahiti, but it will at least take you somewhere alongside the water.