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The Grand Journey of Playing

You'll love diving into this new experience in the Amazon, brought to you by The Grand Journey. This is an online slots game that you won't want to miss that mingles the imagined and the real together in an eye-popping game with great graphics, sound effects and more. When you play The Grand Journey real money slots, you'll see why this is a great addition to the slots line-up at the real money slots sites.

More about The Grand Journey

When you get to The Grand Journey online slots game, you'll see the Amazon jungle. It's filled, however, with unusual finds that include dinosaurs, saber-tooth tigers and other creatures. You'll also see mushrooms that could only grow in the jungle, volcanoes exploding and other images.

Great Symbols with the Grand Journey

As you play The Grand Journey, watch out for The Grand Journey Logo as it's the wild one and will can help you to create winning combinations while doubling for your regular payouts. It can also be stacked on the reels with real money slots games. Watch for the Giant Drill too; this is also a wild symbol with the real money slots game The Grand Journey. It shows up on reel 3 and it can expand to make it a wild reel. While looking for these symbols, keep your eyes out for the globe as well. Here, if you've got two or more of them you'll get a payout and if you've got three or more you'll get 15 free spins with the Multiplier Trail.

Enjoying the Trail with The Grand Journey

Now, at The Grand Journey online slots game there is also a multiplier trail. This trail offers you a multiplier value when there is a free spin that doesn't win anything. This can keep going, offering players as much as ten times the original amount you had. Players will love this real money slots opportunity because spins that look like losing ones can actually bring in winning amounts.

Enjoy the Journey with The Grand Journey

Get on board for a great adventure with the online slots game that takes you on the journey of a lifetime. You'll love the graphics here, the dynamic and fun sound effects and the journey that takes you to the fantasy world in the Amazon and offers you so much fun!