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Thunderstruck 2 is Real Money Slots at their Best

The original Thunderstruck online slots game was one of the most popular casino games on the Internet. Its challenging game play, the numerous features and bonus games, and the background of Norse mythology made the game second to none among its followers. Now, at long last the sequel has been released. If initial reviews are to be believed, then Thunderstruck 2 brings the world of real money slots to another level. While almost all of the features that players loved about the original real money slots game are still present in Thunderstruck 2, the new game is even better.

Great Graphics and Sound in Thunderstruck 2

Hard to imagine, but the graphics and sound in Thunderstruck 2 are even better than they were in the original. Game developers have taken advantage of software developments to create a captivating and rewards real money slots game that is just a pleasure to play. You can easily pass a few hours playing Thunderstruck 2 and not become bored. That's because unlike traditional real money slots game, there is a lot more to do than just spin the reels every few seconds.

Viking Gods Abound in Thunderstruck 2

All the Viking gods that launched their own special features like Thor and Odin are back in Thunderstruck 2. In the new game, instead of set pay lines, Thunderstruck 2 offers you 243 ways to win whenever you match symbols on the reels. Thunderstruck 2 also gives you a progression chart where your achievements are noted and the more symbols you get, the further you advance towards the ultimate golden board. Once all of the symbols are converted to golden symbols you are awarded more bonuses. Besides Thor and Odin, in Thunderstruck 2, you also have the character of Valkyrie. Valkyrie was the female escort of the Viking heroes. As you can imagine, she is quite the sight in the Thunderstruck 2 real money slots game. If you get enough of her image, you get a bunch of special free spins where your winnings are multiplied five times over. So her appearance is even better than something pretty to look at. She can put cash in your pocket. And that is the best part of playing real money slots games.

The Wild Storm of Thunderstruck 2

One of the most amazing features of Thunderstruck 2 is called the Wild Storm Bonus. This happens randomly as you play the game and can turn anything from 1-5 of the reels wild, therefore giving great chances to win more. If you see three of Thor's hammer fists, you go to the Great Hall of Spins. The Great Hall of Spins is not just a single chance at free spins but a whole multi level free spin feature.