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Winter Gold Slots Timing

Microgaming, the undisputed master of real money slots games, has once more demonstrated it's attentiveness to details by releasing the new Winter Gold Slots game just in time for the launching of the 2010 winter Olympics being held this February in Vancouver. This timing means that real money slots lovers will be able to actively participate in their favorite sports by playing the exciting online slots game of Winter Gold Slots and maybe they too will walk away with some justly earned real money slots gold! Winter Gold Slots is a 5 reel video online slots game with 15 paylines and a maximum wager of up to 20 coins per payline for truly cool payouts. The graphics of the new Winter Gold Slots game are truly incredible. At this real money slots game you can enjoy the full vivid action of the Olympic sporting events as only the artists of Microgaming know how to create. Every detail of the graphics of this superb real money slots game has been given careful consideration and attention and so you can even enjoy the snow falling on the snowy slopes at the various wintry sporting events. The music of the online slots game also does a good job complementing the experience of this real money slots game. Of course, being an online slots game, players at Winter Gold Slots will also enjoy the opportunity of walking away with cash prizes of Olympic proportions, as befitting a winter Olympics real money slots game.

The Special Feature of Winter Gold Slots

The special feature of Winter Gold Slots is the truly exciting bonus round of a wheel of fortune like game. This special feature of Winter Gold Slots is triggered whenever a lucky online slots player happens to land 3 or more scatter symbols anywhere on the 5 reels. The wheel of this bonus round of the Winter Gold Slots online slots game features eight different slots half of these are sporting events and the other half are coin payouts. With a spin of the wheel, lucky online slots players will either win a pocketful of coins (amounts vary but can climb quite high) or else the lucky online slots player will trigger one of four different sporting events. These events are the truly the graphical treasure of the Winter Gold Slots game. The events triggered are viewed as a competition between contestants complete with audience and applause and include pictures of the contest as taken from various angles. The lucky real money slots players who trigger these rounds get to wager on contestants and collect based on the performance of the sportsman they have chosen. Undoubtedly this special feature of Winter Gold Slots sets new standards of graphics and quality that other real money slots games can now try to compete with. It is highly recommended that online slots players try this cool real money slots game and enjoy the full power of the graphics for themselves (plus reap as many well earned rewards as they can!). This online slots game is one that is certainly not to be missed!