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Multi-Player Slots Tournaments are More Fun

Online casinos have gotten in on the slot machine tournament action, and the tournies offered online usually work the same as land-based casino slot tournaments. Most of the time, you "buy in" to slots tournament for a fixed fee and you are given a set amount of credits on a certain slot machine. You then begin play, with the goal being to get the highest cash total. The prize money for the winners of these slots tournaments is usually taken from a pool of the "buy in" money. Slot tournaments are a great way to potentially win a lot of money for a small investment. For this reason, many people consider slots tournaments to be an ideal introduction to playing slots for real money. Some slots tournaments have free entry to the first rounds where you can win you place in the slots tournament final for the jackpot. These are called feeder slots tournaments.

Read Slots Tournament Rules Before you Play

While some slots tournament rules are almost universal, there are often variations on how to win. It might be the person with the highest single total or it might be the player who gets the highest win on a bonus round. Whatever the case, it is important to always read the tournament rules before you begin play. When playing in a timed slots tournament (meaning you have a limited time to play), keep in mind that it is important to get in as many spins as possible. To avoid any delays between spins, try to keep the spin button pressed continuously. This should allow you to keep the reels spinning constantly with only a short break for wins.

Online Slot Tournaments are Open to All

Free slots tournaments are one of the ways that casinos reward their regular slots players. These are run in the same way as the fee-based tournament, the only difference being that there is no entry fee. To qualify for free slots tournaments, players usually have to be frequent players. It's not that easy to find free online slot tournaments, but they're out there so start looking. Online casinos have VIP clubs so that playing in the same casino can be beneficial in terms of qualifying for free slot tournaments.

Why Should you Join a Slots Tournament?

One of the reasons slot tournaments are attractive is that they add the element of competition to a game that is usually not played against other players. Online slot tournaments are particularly advantageous because you can regularly check your financial position in the tournament by going into the information section during play. In addition, online slots tournaments have no space restrictions - there are always enough machines to go around (as opposed to land-based competition where space is limited).

In a time-based slots tournament, when the allotted time is up, the slot machine will lock. Any unused credits are discarded and do not count toward your profits. Most online slot machine software gives you time warnings. Sometimes, in a free online slots tournament, the prize may be a seat into another higher-priced tournament. Any way you cut it, though, slots tournaments add a new dimension to a game that's been around for ages but is still evolving and getting better all the time.