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Fruit Machines are a Great British Export

Casinos of yesteryear had their "one-armed bandits"; online casinos have their video slots; and Great Britain has its fruit machines. The Brits are great lovers of the slots (also known as Bandits) and the ubiquitous fruit machines can be found in pubs, arcades, clubs, and even in some fast-food restaurants and take-out joints. In Great Britain, fruit machines rule.

Fruits machines work just like regular slots (because they are regular slots) with minor differences. Each fruit machine has three or more reels with fruity symbols printed on them. When you put in money and activate the fruit machine, the reels spin around and the fruits line up in a row. If fruits form certain combinations, you win, depending on the pay chart usually printed on the fruit machine. In other words, fruit machines are the same slots you'll find in a casino but in England and all of Great Britain they're also found in the pubs and clubs.

Fruit Machines Made a Smooth Transition from the Pub to the Internet

Fruit machines are an inexpensive form of entertainment; the maximum bet on a pub fruit machine is around 50 pence and the maximum jackpot is a modest 70-80 pounds pounds. Despite the advances in slot technology fruit machines keep things simple and, even today, in the era of multiple lines, most fruit machines have only pay line. Fruit machines - like all slots - are games of chance and the house edge is traditionally pretty high. In pubs and arcades around Britain the average payout percentage is around 80%.

Strategies for UK Fruit Machines

Fruit machines don't pay out exactly like American machines; it's not unusual for one machine to pay out one jackpot after another (which is called streaking). Conversely, if a machine is played for a long time and hasn't come up with a jackpot, you can pretty much assume that one is coming up (something you can't count on at all with the random number generator in the U.S. machines). So keeping an eye on an unproductive fruit machine could be advantageous. It also has a name - sharking. This is an important strategy to keep in mind when playing fruit machines for real money.

Online Fruit Machines

Fruit machines have made the move to online casinos and some of the leading fruit machine manufacturers are Barcrest, Empire, and BFM, to name but a few. Online fruit machines are determined by a random number generator, just like other online video slots, making them less predictable than pub fruit machines. However, to make online fruit machines both realistic and more attractive to the British gambler, many online fruit machine manufacturers focus on atmosphere and try to emulate not just the game but the venue. So it's not unusual to find software in which you can feel like you're walking into a genuine British pub and facing a classic, 3-reel, 1-payline fruit machine. The only thing missing is the mug of ale - but that you can supply on your own.

Mobile Slots

While many people think that you cannot win a lot of money playing mobile slots games, the truth is that some games have huge jackpots. Some of the biggest jackpots are found in games that have progressive jackpots that keep building as people around the world play the game.

Android UK Slots

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