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Slots Types

The slot machines have come a very long way since the old fashioned machines one could only locate in a pub or arcade. Now that slot machines are available online, rather than this limiting what people can do with them, it actually - with the right software used of course - increases slot machine potential, both in terms of variety and fun.

So if you are always feeling a bit bored and thus looking for something different, you would be wise to check out all the different types of slot machines available, especially those that you would have easy access to, as in, the ones online. The slots types that will be discussed here are: 3 reel slots and 5 reel slots. In addition, there are video slots, progressive slots and mobile slots.

3 Reel Slots

Out of all the different number of reel slots available, 3 reel slots are probably the most "classic," in other words, the most akin to traditional old style land slot machines. As well, they are also thus the most widely known of the different types of slots. In fact, if you compare some of the oldest slot machines in the world to today's 3 reel slots (both on and off line), you will not find many discrepancies in design. The differences that you may find however, will vary from casino to casino and these include: number of payout lines; amount of coins that can be used to play for bigger $$$s; etc. For new slot machine players, 3 reel slots are often recommended since the game is simpler in terms of how many coins are used. You may not be betting for a huge amount with some 3 reel slots, but you will be gambling far less too. So depending on what you are looking for in terms of how much you want to bet, if you do decide you like the idea of 3 reel slots, make sure you check into payouts and paylines first. Find the best 3 reel slots at Online slots Canada.

5 Reel Slots

5 reel slots are perhaps best seen as the natural progression from 3 reel slots. You may have begun with 3 reel slots, but now that you are less of a beginner, you may want that extra thrill with your gambling and that is where 5 reel slots come in to play. As a result, you will also invariably be playing for higher payouts. 5 reel slots can be very exciting and thrilling, especially as your eyes are fixated on the crazy spin of the 5 reels. The aim of 5 reel slots, is pretty much like other slot machines with the player having to line up three or more of the symbols that hold the highest values on that slot machine. That way you get the right payline combination necessary for a monetary win. It is not so simple since all the reels (wheels) have symbols as well as empty spaces so you could end up with one of them. Obviously the more reels, the more risk, but the more risk, the greater payout and also the greater thrill. You can find some world class 5 reel slots at virtually every Canadian online casino that holds the eCOGRA seal of approval.

Have Fun Playing Slots for Real Money

So check out the different types of slots available and think about what you are looking for with your slot machine gambling. Then look in to the specifics of the types of slots you have found vis-à-vis that particular casino and based on risks, payouts, reels and paylines, make your decision about which on line slot at what casino will be the most appropriate and enjoyable for you. Then go ahead and have fun playing real money slots.