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Online Slots are Best

Of all the games you can play both in a land-based casino and in an online casino, slots are the ones that are the most similar in both venues and the ones that require the smallest adjustment period when you move from land to Internet Casinos.

Since land-based video slots are already computerized down to their very core, they are perfectly and easily adaptable to online casinos. In other words, when you play online slots, the game itself is pretty much what you're used to when you play in a "real" casino; it's just your surroundings that are seriously different, as well as the flexibility of the situation. You are free to play online slots whenever you have a few spare minutes or a free evening and not only when you have planned a trip to the casino.

Distractions are Minimal at Online Casinos

There is no question that online casinos are advantageous when it comes to playing high-pressure games like blackjack or poker. These games are perfect for the Internet because real casinos are designed to distract the player and divert his attention from the matters at hand. Even the most focused blackjack player can get sidetracked when a pretty waitress walks by or when excitement erupts noisily from another part of the casino. Online casinos help keep players focused so in the case of certain games playing in an online casino can be a real plus.

Online Slots Leave More Money for Gambling

Let's face it, though - when it comes to slots, a player doesn't really have to concentrate all that hard. Once he's read the pay schedule, he can pretty much go into automatic pilot and just keep feeding in those coins. If he's distracted by all the hoop-la in a real casino, it won't truly affect the outcome of his play. But - and this is a big but - the slots section of a casino is always the most crowded and jam-packed section of the casino floor. Unless you love people breathing down your neck, elbows in your ribs and the pressure of holding onto your machine for dear life, you will really appreciate the calm and serenity - and space - of an online casino. In an online casino, there's never a line at your favorite slot and there's never that crush of humanity you may despise. You can breathe and relax in an online casino and that can never be over-rated, even when you're playing a laid-back game like the slots.

But space is just one benefit of an online casino; the biggest advantage is its low price tag. Unless you are really a casino junkie and you thrive on the high-energy level of a land-based casino, you can save yourself a bundle by playing in an online casino. In fact, if you do the math, you should have hundreds of dollars to play with in an online casino that you would have spent on flights and hotels if you were playing in a Vegas-type casino. If you are playing slots for real money, this is obviously important. It means hours and hours more of slot-playing online; it means a completely different budgeting concept, with the emphasis on the slots themselves and not on the money you had to lay out to get to the slots. Online slots are bottom-line slots; it's net slot-playing with no hidden expenses or costly extras. It's the way the smart gambler plays the slots these days.

Slots Have Now Gone Mobile

Slots are getting better and better and more accessible all the time. Now, wherever you are, you can take your slots play with you - on your mobile phone. Next time you have spare or dead time waiting in a queue or sitting at a train station, take out your mobile phone and connect to the mobile casino for a few spins of real money slots, whether on an iPhone, Android, Blackberry or iPad.