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The Jurassic Park Online Slots Adventure

The Jurassic Park adventure continues with the dynamic, Jurassic Park real money slots game.

Based on the 1993 move directed by Steven Spielberg, the Jurassic Park Online Slots  game features all of the dinosaur action from the movie with 243 ways to win and a range of features including five types of free spins. When you play Jurassic Park online slots games, you will enter the enchanting world of scientific experimentation in which a small disparity has dreadful consequences.

Jurassic Park Online Slots follows the story of a battle of the intellect in which genetically-engineered dinosaurs run amok after an careless researcher misuses 20th century technology to give life to prehistoric creatures. The cloned dinosaurs come to life after a power failure on a tycoon's island amusement park. 

The Game Features

The Wild- the Jurassic Park logo is the wild symbol and it can substitute for all of the other symbols to help create more winning combinations. The wild symbol appears stacked in groups of three on all of the reels to create even more winning combinations and big, multi-way wins.

Online Slots Symbols

Themed orchestral music sets the stage for the excitement to come as the reels of Jurassic park start to roll.  All of the principal characters from the Jurassic Park movie are present in the Jurassic Park slots including John Hammond, the visionary entrepreneur who created Jurassic Park, mathematician Ian Malcolm and palaeontologists Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler. Also, you will see dinosaurs – the hulky triceratops, the carnivorous velociraptors, the humongous tyrannosaurus, the swift-moving dilophosaurus, and the long-limbed brachiosaurus . As you spin the reels, these symbols and others line up so that whenever you attain three matching symbols where one symbol appears on the left-most reel, you'll receive a payout. Win real money slots payouts online. 

Jurassic Park Special Symbols

The Jurassic Park Logo is the game's Wild Symbol which substitutes for any other symbol to create winning paylines. The black T-Rex skeleton on a red background is the logo. The logo creates a Wild Stack in which up to five symbols display simultaneously on the same reel to substitute for other symbols and complete winning combinations.

If you saw the Jurassic Park movie you will probably recall that a mosquito, preserved in amber, is responsible for setting off the chain of events that ultimately enables the cloned dinosaurs to materialize.  By extracting DNA from the mosquito, the scientists were able to establish the environment in which the dinosaurs could come to life. Now, the online pokies present the mosquito as the game's scatter symbol. The mosquito creates winning scatter combinations whenever two or more scatters appear anywhere on the reels. If three or more scatters appear simultaneously they'll trigger the Free Spins Game.

Jurassic Park Free Spins

When three scatter symbols show during a regular game they set in motion the Jurassic Park Free Spins. Whenever you achieve three or more mosquito-scatter symbols concurrently you'll be given the chance to play your choice of any of the five extraordinary free spins features:

If you select the Velociraptor feature you'll be given 12 Free Spins with Multiplier Wilds and Split Wilds.

The Triceratops feature gives you 12 Free Spins with Running Wilds.

Playing the Dilophosaurus free spin feature gives you 12 Free Spins with Winning Wilds.

Players who decide to play the Brachiosaurus free spins receive 12 Free Spins with a Mystery Multiplier.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex round gives you 12 Free Spins with Wild Reels. What’s stopping you? Give it a burl.

 All around the globe, online slot machine games are becoming the most popular thing to do on the internet. Especially popular are the games with progressive jackpots that keep climbing as people all around the world play this online game where they can experience an authentic Las Vegas slots event on their PC or mobile screen. Play Jurassic Park Online Slots for online slots bonuses and earn real money by matching symbols to complete combinations. 

243 Ways to Win

Jurassic Park Online Slots is a 243 Ways to Win game in which you don't need to permit paylines in order to attain winning combinations. Any completed combination, on any of the slot machine's 243 pay ways, earns you a payout. It doesn't matter whether the symbol emerges on the top, middle or bottom of the reel since any 3 symbols on 3 adjacent reels, with the first symbol on the left-most reel, results in a real money win. Mathematicians have noted that this type of slots gives you 243 possible wins on every spin.

Mobile Real Money Slots Casino Games

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