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Lucky Leprechaun Real Money Slots

Lucky Leprechaun real money slots is a five-reel, 20 payline and 200 coin slot machine that brings the luck of the Irish to your gaming event. Leprechauns are figures in Irish folklore. The fairy-like little men are said to bring joy and good fortune to anyone who sees them. The new online slots does just that with two scatter symbols, free spins, a bonus game and more.

You can play Lucky Leprechaun slots online at your leisure on your laptop or desktop PC or on your mobile device. Just open your account and enter the games lobby on your gaming screen where you'll see the listed online slots games. Lucky Leprechaun is one of the most popular real money slots online games and it will appear near the top of the list. Click on the Lucky Leprechaun real money slots logo and enter the game where you'll be asked to choose the number of paylines that you want to enable. You can enable as few or as many of the 20 paylines as you wish, but online the wins that occur on activated paylines will pay out for a win, so it's a good idea to activate as many of the paylines as possible. You can bet up to 10 coins per payline.

Click "spin" to start the reels spinning. If a winning combination lines up on the payline, you'll see the win highlighted on the reels and your payout will be displayed in the "Win" box. When you click the Summary tab you can see your casino balance as both coins and credits.

Lucky Leprechaun Symbols

Lucky Leprechaun presents all the symbols of Irish cheer and fortune. The sound track plays a lively Irish jig as the leprechaun skips and hops, inviting you to play the game. Amidst bright, vibrant colours you'll see the leprechaun himself, the leprechaun's pipe, a violin, mugs of beer and the traditional slots symbols of letters and numbers.  

The Lucky Leprechaun symbol is the game's Wild symbol which completes combinations by substituting for other symbols that appear across the paylines. The Lucky Leprechaun creates Wild Symbol Stacks in which the wilds stack on top of one another to create additional opportunities to complete winning combinations. The Wild can also create its own winning combination when multiple wild symbols appear in a line on an enabled payline.

There are two scatter symbols in this game, the Coin and the Pot of Gold. The Coin symbol appears on the fifth reel and awards 1x your total bet whenever it appears. The Scatter Win combination payouts are calculated by multiplying the combination payout by the total number of coins bet. Scatter wins are added to your regular payouts. If you achieve a scatter win plus a regular win, you are paid out for both wins, since the scatter symbol does not need to appear on an enabled payline to win. The Coin's appearance activates the Free Spins bonus game.

Whenever three or more Pot of Gold symbols appear anywhere on the reels they activate the Trail O' Fortune bonus game.

Trail of Fortune Bonus Game

The Trail of Fortune online slots bonus begins when three or more Pot of Gold symbols appear, scattered across the reels, during the regular game. This game involves a possible 1000x multiplier. When you spin the wheel you'll reveal the number of squares that you can move. The number of symbols that activated the bonus game indicate the number of times that you'll be able to spin the wheel. Every square that you land on represents a possible bonus multiplier.

Landing on the start of a Rainbow Bridge allows you to cross the bridge and bypass the squares located in-between.

If you land on a hidden Emerald, you get an extra spin of the wheel.

After you use up all of your spins, the last square that you land on becomes your bonus multiplier value and immediately multiplies your win. This bonus multiplier multiplies your total bet amount. You automatically collect your winnings during the bonus game and those payouts are added to your regular wins.

 If you activate the Free Spins bonus game and the Trail O' Fortune bonus game on the same spin, you play both games, with the Trail 'O Fortune bonus game played first.

Free Spins

If the Coin Scatter appears on the fifth reel during the regular game, it activates the Free Spins bonus game. You receive five free spins with a double multiplier on all free spin wins. The game's Wild symbol, the Leprechaun, continues to function as a Wild symbol during the free spins.

If a Green Clover is super-imposed on a symbol during the Free Spins, you receive an additional Free Spin and the multiplier value increases by 1.

The free spin bets and paylines are identical to the spin that activated the bonus game.

Extra Features

You can choose to play Lucky Leprechaun real money slots in coins or credits mode. This means all your bets and payouts are displayed as either coins or credits, according to your wish.

All of the casino bonuses apply to the Lucky Leprechaun slots including Welcome Bonuses for new players and Loyalty Points for veteran players.

This game involves numerous elements so it's a good idea to practice it in the casino's Free Mode to review the rules, the levels, the different symbols and the bonus games before you pay for real money in the Real Mode.